KUSTER 120' Wash Range, consisting of:


a. Pipe-typ J-Scray with driven pull roll and Guider Specialty Air Guiders 18"

b. (3) Kusters Horizontal Washers, 120" face width, Type 225.74-172, M7977-106/108-110, and (3) Kusters Nip Sets 120" face Rubber/Stainless with 7.5-HP DC motors

c. Nash Vacuum System with 30-HP motor, trap and silencer, and 120" slot.

d. (16) Morrison Dry Can, 2-stacks of 8 cans each, 120" face width, 125-PSI Pressure Rating, 7.5-HP DC motor and belt drive.

e. Driven Pull Roll and fabric slide to carrier roll

f. Cooper A-Frame Winder 132" face width with Lay-On Roll

g. Drive, Controls, motors, etc.