Textile Trading Company (TTC) welcomes the opportunity to service your needs for pre-owned textile machinery.

Our world-wide contacts provide us the opportunity to buy and sell equipment for opening, carding, spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, and non-wovens, filament extrusion and texturizing.


At TTC we not only have the ability to provide you with an extensive inventory of equipment, we can also go to work for you in search of specific out-of-inventory machines. Our dedication to you is to find exactly what you are looking, in both quality and price.

In today's global market, TTC’s experience in buying and selling equipment world wide can provide its customers a broad spectrum of services. These services not only include sales, but also dismantling, removal, packing, refurbishing and installation.

Textile Trading Company prides itself on details from equipment being complete and in good operating condition to proper loading and bracing to insure delivery in the same condition.